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Yow Earns the YWCA’s 2011 Kathy Higgins Young Leader Award

Yow Earns the YWCA’s 2011 Kathy Higgins Young Leader Award

Raleigh, N.C. - Meredith volleyball player Rebecca Yow was awarded the YWCA's 2011 Kathy Higgins Young Leader Award on November 9.  She was recognized at the 29th presentation of the YWCA Academy of Women Awards Dinner on Wednesday, November 9th at the Raleigh Marriott City Center.


Since 1983 the YWCA of the Greater Triangle has presented its annual awards dinner in recognition of the significant accomplishments of local women within twelve categories.  Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina partners with the YWCA to honor an emerging and courageous woman leader with its signature Kathy Higgins Young Leader Award.  The award will be granted to a young woman demonstrating a commitment to creating healthy communities through school and community-based campaigns that create health awareness.  We are interested in nominations from college/university administrators, faculty, community volunteers, and organizational leaders in support of a young woman who advances healthy living through creative community outreach and/or public campaigns that promote good health (addressing prevention of obesity/heart disease/diabetes/smoking and/or substance abuse).


The award winner must be a young woman (ages 18-23) enrolled in a regional college/university and maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0 and demonstrate a commitment to reaching underserved communities with their health-focused outreach and/or campaigns.  Underserved communities are classified as those where a significant percentage of residents have limited or no health insurance and live at or below the poverty line.