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Angels Above the Net ~ No. 1

Angels Above the Net ~ No. 1

RALEIGH, N.C. - Meredith College sophomores Jasmine Aguinaldo and April Hausler will contribute a regular volleyball blog series this fall. The personal narrative will give fans a peak into life as a volleyball Avenging Angel.

Meredith College volleyball welcomed back 11 returners and seven new players. Using the first night to bond over a game of bowling, we quickly found out who could hang with our weird jokes and which freshmen had a roommate that stared at them.

All of our personalities meshed well together, and we just hoped our volleyball skills would too! We could not wait to get back out on the court and get the season going!

Our first hurdle that awaited us was fitness testing – something you just pray that Dawn will forget about. And as expected, she didn't forget. Because they show how hard you worked (or didn't work) over the summer, fitness tests can be nerve wrecking.

We were a little anxious, but, as sophomores, we knew more of what to expect. Once we made it through those, preseason practice officially started. We were all a little rusty at the beginning, but quickly became comfortable playing with each other. It was really exciting seeing the potential of our team. 

Our practices are set up where we have volleyball and finish off with conditioning. This year Dawn obviously wanted us to keep our summer bikini bodies. Fitness this year was no joke. But, really. Ice bags on ice bags on ice bags. Trust us that if your coach asks you to bring a deck of cards to practice, you start physically and mentally preparing yourself.

The Deck of Death was a workout where each card was a different exercise we had to do, and you have to make it through the entire deck. We're going to be honest, there were times during the workout where the deck seemed to go on and on and on. It was hard, but we needed it. 

All the practice and conditioning really prepared us for our first tournament in Virginia Beach. Unfortunately, what we weren't prepared for were all of the transportation issues and adventures along the way.

We made a very interesting stop for lunch at a Subway in a Walmart. On our way to our hotel after being denied our right to a Wendy's dinner, our transmission decided to go on an adventure of its own and just fell off the bottom of the bus. We don't really understand how that happened, but were content with waiting and eating all the food in our coolers until we were picked up.

The next day, guess what hot wheels the Angels got to roll up in? Our very own MCVB mobile twerk wagon. Yes, it was a fully equipped party bus with the latest jams, bright flashy lights and a stripper pole. Unfortunately, Coach Barkley asked them to take out the pole before things got too crazy. That weekend is one we definitely won't forget. 

This season is sure to be a fun one if these few experiences indicate anything. Or the embarrassing videos Karlie takes of herself. Or a whole day's worth of weird text messages from Elizabeth. Or the wedding dress doll that makes its way to player meetings. Or Emery and her "cankles." We ain't worried bout nothin.'